Good luck India, you have a new leader!

Congratulations India, Hardik Patel is all over. News channels, news papers, social media and any other form of media if exists. 21/(22/35 ? different news papers mention different age) year old quota warrior rocking the state government.

I appreciate his leadership, appreciate his crowd moving capabilities and this is by no means sarcasm. I am very honest in this appreciation, India if not the world definitely need the energy like he has, definitely need the social warriors like him who can unite the crowds for a certain cause.

But lets talk about the cause for which all this energy and youth is focused, yet another caste based reservation. I totally agree with him, for sure the people of India are badly affected by “current” reservation system and since “his” people belongs to India they too suffer from it. I am totally with him that at this age and wisdom he wants to start the process of change in status, from suffering to a better life, with “his” people (Even Mr. Ambedkar said “I have never claimed to be a universal leader of suffering humanity. The problem of the untouchables is quite enough for my slender strength.”) and then probably would want to extend it to entire nation (by Nation here I refer to the people and not the country on the map) and this could mean anything – a real social revolutionary or a national political leader, who knows ambitions/aspirations take different turns time to time.

I want to believe he is honestly aiming for a real social revolution and that is the reason I want to draw attention to an irrational situation which we have reached with this race of being backward. There are x,y,z sections of population who gets admissions, jobs despite lower marks due to their perceived social status (in current situation, long gone are the days when it was the need of the hour). The A section (including all which belong to non reservation class) has to bear for the sins of ancestors. Now out of these a1 realize the power of politics and join the race of backwardness. following them are a2 and a3. So now x,y,z,a1,a2,a3 all have their “equal” share and due to different social status they have different slabs (%) to get the share. Aren’t we still left with people in each of these categories who have not reached that slab. Aren’t this a4 category now going to leave one student/job seeker with 91% (he said that his people not getting admission despite scoring 90% due to current OBC reservation system) in other (would we remain with any general category in this race of backwardness) category in the same situation?

This mathematics is far more complex with far more statistics available both in favour of and against it. The affirmative policy has produced results as expected to a certain extent but on a huge price (as evident from this agitation itself) that its deepening the divide instead of reducing the gap and the poor is all the more poor where as certain section repeatedly gained advantage and still abusing it and would continue to do so in absence of strong political stand and continuous ignorance of the nation. The divide has to be reduced by social awakening, we as a society had failed to prevent discrimination, hence ended up with these policies which were certainly the need of hour without an alternative and we are still a failure because we want the advantage irrespective of need instead of responding to actual problems.

Another interesting fact is that the agitated people have a name which is known all over the world for its entrepreneurship. These are the people who from ages belong to an agrarian and enterprising community which is a matter of pride all over the world and already have strong influence in state politics if all that matters.

Despite this it can not be denied that certain people even from this enterprising community are underprivileged and efforts are needed and thus leaders like him are the hope but joining the race of backwardness is by no means going to help the people for whom there is so much concern if only the social revolution is the aspiration. Of course political ambitions can always be fulfilled by this proven track.

Last, I saw him mentioning Sardar Patel in one of the videos, i would like to know on what basis this agitation is comparable to Sardar Patel’s work except the last name? Sardar Patel unified the country, he was the statesman who politically integrated India. Just because of the name the agitation should not be associated with him, he could rather refer to Mr. Ambedkar or Jotirao Phule if at all a historical association is required though even they are not relevant here, as there cause too was entirely different.

I urge him to put the energies in right direction, to identify how to create more opportunities because there will always be people with 45 or 50 % marks irrespective of their social status, irrespective of the section of society they belong to.

I urge him to not use the ignorance of people to agitate for a cause which is not worth, enough of this has been done. I urge him to educate himself (start from the history and the leaders itself so as at least refer to right thinkers and ideals) and educate the people first about the problem, unite them for a solution, build a bridge between people, government and resources. Everything else will follow including the aspirations.

Good luck India with this new leadership !


3 thoughts on “Good luck India, you have a new leader!

    • The problem is people in India are not ready to leave the differences and identify with one nation rather than the caste, sub caste, religion etc etc hence vulnerable to being used.


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