I thought i embraced my destiny …

I opened my eyes to a landscape filled with trees, some had fruits, some had leaves and few just had dried branches. The landscape was big for my tiny feet and hills were high for my little eyes. There were streams sometimes full and flowing, sometimes just delineated bare rocks.
Slowly i came to life, i entered the landscape, i added few colors, tasted the fruits, climbed the trees, broke some dried branches. Slowly the landscape was small for my big feet and staring at the peaks was easy for my eyes. The trees old and fruits few.
Beyond the peaks the trees are different, beyond the peaks there’s a different noise of the streams, beyond the peaks the flowers smell different and there are different stretches out of this landscape. How do i know my way there, how do i get my stretch there?
Then i asked the bird how do you know where to fly, bird said, o dear it’s the wind who tells me and i fly. I slept wondering if the wind would tell me too.
There were dreams, dreams had a landscape that was for me. The fruits tasted like i wanted to, the river bent where i wanted to. My dreams are my wind and here i chose my way. I was on my feet to reach my landscape.
Left behind is my old landscape and i am pondering for my way to get my landscape. I chose my way and reach the stretch, but is this my landscape?
I am tired, it was a long journey and i am dispirited, there are no fruits. I asked the trees, where are your fruits? They told me there are seasons. I waited, season changed but the fruits are different. I waited more, seasons kept changing.
Slowly i looked around. Slowly i embraced the stretch, slowly i touched the trees, i broke the dried branches. The trees were happy, there fruits were big, they were sweet and i liked their taste. The stretch was a new landscape where i had my trees, my fruits and i liked the way river bent.
There were dreams, dreams had a stretch that was for me. Trees said i landscaped the stretch, i created my destiny. I thought i embraced my destiny …

In response to Que Sera Sera
Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?


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