Hope for Equality

I just read a post from one of my blogger friend and i was in absolute agreement with the post that “It is time that we give equality to both genders first in our minds which will automatically reflect in our actions”.

However other points made me reflect on the situation and I rather have a different point of view.

This is a very valid point that in order to propagate women empowerment society is being inappropriate to men. Women expect men to vacate a seat in bus despite asking for equality, both are working and tired then both have equal right on the seat. There are all girls collages but not all boys collages with relaxations in cut offs for women. Society does not talk about men when they fall victim to prostitution, acid attacks or any other atrocities because we have fallen in love with women empowerment and all this leading to men impoverishment.

All this is true but in my opinion there exist an other side to all of this –

If both work, both are tired, both travel then both are capable of standing and both deserve to sit.

But do they equally cook, clean, take care of kids and in laws before and after work. This might be a scene from few urban families where domestic help is affordable and rest of the things are managed equally irrespective of different genders in the family. This certainly can not be generalized. I would just take a simple case of my own domestic help who takes care of all of her household responsibilities, works for at least 8 hours in a day apart from making trips between different houses she works for and their household responsibilities starts at 4 am in the morning to line up for drinking water. Men their might be doing something but mostly I have not seen, even heard of that. As we move higher in the socio economic ladder, men tend to take care of certain domestic responsibilities if the women are working but still equality is a far cry until we reach to the few exceptionally modern (in thoughts) urban families.

So if a man vacates a seat for a woman, I would respect him for acknowledging the additional responsibilities women have in this society.

We already have all girls colleges and no all boys colleges. Is this discrimination against boys not enough that we top it up with concessions and additional privileges.

The all girls collages came into existence not to discriminate against boys but in response to the discrimination against girls. We still live in a society where teacher has to pledge each girl’s parents in his class for allowing them for a school picnic. The parents says “isn’t it enough we send them school”, “they are already engaged, how can we send them out with other boys” and they are girls mere 10 or 12 years old.

It is not rare to hear stories of women who falsely accuse their husbands or other men of exploiting them and misuse the laws.

True but aren’t the numbers still higher if we talk about “stories” of men exploiting women. Why morality is in so much trouble when women is the exploiter. No I am not justifying crimes because women suffered or are suffering more. Misusing law is absolutely wrong but anyone who has little power and a bad will does that irrespective of gender and it’s not been treated equally because the equality doesn’t exist.

Also true that society does not talk about men being victim of prostitution, acid attacks etc but the reason is not that society fancy women empowerment so much so that they want to achieve it at the cost of men impoverishment. No, the reason is society is not yet ready to accept that men are vulnerable too. society would remain in love of the so called concept of manhood rather than do justice.

I respect the woman prostitute instead who has the guts to acknowledge her identity.

I am unable to think that their is equality yet, we are moving in reverse direction towards men impoverishment is beyond my imagination. In fact I do not think women really feel a need to oppress other gender in order to boost her ego, they are too busy doing that in their own fraternity.

The day society would reach that level where all responsibilities would be shared equally, when mothers would stop telling their boys that “do not cry like a girl”, when a mother would be the first one to slap his son for the very first misbehaviour, when law and order would be for everyone not just for the powerful ones and there are so many such “when ..” we need to talk about before we can talk about equality.


3 thoughts on “Hope for Equality

  1. REally nice one !! I do agree but there is an imbalance on the side of both men and women and equality cannot be acheived if only women’s side is looked at or only men’s side is looked at we need to work on both. and showing people the other side is the motive of my writing.

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  2. Really good writing. I feel its just a statement that both are equal because only few women’s are setting example that they are equal to men in every field but majority still not and for this not only mens are responsible. If we really want to proof that both are equal so first of all women herself need to change their mind set towards other women.

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