who I am and why I’m here?

In response to Blogging101 Daily Task assignment .

A little girl aged six or seven walks in at a family gathering along with parents, very happy to be at the gathering but a little shy to make her presence felt. Happily observing, noticing all, the kids, the men, and the women without any idea about what to do with the observations and why she is just a little girl.
Nobody makes any efforts to either peek into the little girl’s world or pull her to their world. Probably that’s a different world or those were different times. The shyness of the little one was neither a problem nor her compassion or the need for compassion understood.

The little girl is now a mother to a girl of same age, yes that’s me still intrinsically observing people, noticing their feelings, their understanding of others, their ways to look at relationships and wondering how can people feel better.

This is one small element in me from the thousands which we all hold inside us and which I think plays a bit of role for me being a blogger and eventually a writer.

Let me now talk more about the other elements which makes me complete and grow younger.

I am a woman (obvious by now) invincibly optimistic always trying to finish one thought or the other that is to say a perfect imperfectionist. Most of my life I chose to do things which I thought or the world around me thought should be done rather than choosing the things which I wanted to be done. This was the way I was or to certain extent I still am. It’s not a bad thing, most of the people tend to do the same, until like me, they discover what actually makes them happy.

I am certainly not disappointed by the choices, in fact most of them I have enjoyed and most of them contributed for making me complete and grow and the element inside me which helped me to enjoy all these is to love what you do, that is whatever I do or I am doing, I give my whole (heart and mind) to it and this element of mine is my favourite.

Next, I am a mother to an adorable, beautiful kid with whom I am living the life again. It’s through her I learned to see the world differently, it’s because of her I have added more or better expressions to myself.

I am blessed with a charming, tender heart life partner and we have already spent 10 years with each other’s imperfections and I am sure, on my last day I would proudly say “you were perfect for me”.

I am a very good friend and have lots of good friends which are source of eternal happiness and its the greatest bliss of my life.

A tea addict, I love travelling, I like cooking sometimes and I am very very selective when it comes to television but books they are my life. I can not do without reading, reading a good book is the most pleasurable activity.

Lately, I discovered myself in a new way when focused a little on myself and observed that I want to talk, make conversations. Also, I realized that I have been applying the wisdom gained from my observations for my own understanding of others and for my relationships and in my own ordinary ways I am doing fairly well. I also share this knowledge appropriately with friends or any body who seeks it and by doing it I make myself happier and that’s where i decide to write and blog.

The process of discovering and trying to know what I want, made me accept myself more, made my imperfections look perfect and most importantly made me better at accepting people as is. Getting away from the ideal ways and the shoulds, made me tolerant, happier and i am in love with this state of mind and that’s why I say I am growing younger.

I do not have a particular theme for my blog and I do not know if I would write (wow, I already consider myself a writer) in a particular genre. I would write what makes sense to me, I would reflect my thoughts as a woman, mother and a friend. I would write about the books I am reading and I would write all those years of observations may be in form of stories or personal experiences.

So here I am an aspiring writer, eager to connect and converse with you all.


3 thoughts on “who I am and why I’m here?

  1. I love the header image. 🙂

    I hope you would become the ideal mom and writer you aspire to be 🙂

    I wish you very best for 101, blogging and writing.

    Anand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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