In response to Day 3 Assignment: One-Word Inspiration


Out of these words UNCERTAINTY fascinates me most, it’s the uncertainty which can bring or take away treasures, it can make you regret, it can make you feel loved or make you feel lack of love, it can make you homeless or turn a house into a home and all the secrets of life lies in its uncertainty.

Uncertainty is the most certain aspect of life.

Nothing is permanent and perfect. Life is unpredictable. We always think, we always plan but we can never accurately say what exactly will happen tomorrow. We can not control life and future but we can control ourselves. In fact this uncertainty of life is the charm of life. Living through the unknown, unanswered questions gives a purpose to life. It gives you possibilities and if you embrace it openly, you learn and grow.
We move from one place to another, we change jobs and do many such things by our choices and with a planning but not always everything turns out as we expect. Only if we are open to the uncertainty, we will learn and change ourselves to make the new place or job work for us.

In fact the beauty of life lies in living the moment and not waste time over thinking or over planning. To live, to move on we must control our thoughts and actions and somehow things find their own way of working. Our openness to the variety of life show us infinite directions we can turn into and enjoying the journey through the turns makes our present lively.

Life is certainly rewarding if you accept the uncertainty and take chances.


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