My Collection of Short Stories By Kaitlyn Franzone

I received this e-book to read as I offered to write a review for it. As the name suggests it is a collection of short stories containing eight stories all from different genres.
The first story is a fairy tale and children fiction. It is based on the old classic “Elves and the Shoemaker” and is an interesting read where Elves are talking.
The second story “Never said Good-bye” is about relationships and regrets and it is sort of literary fiction where characters and their feelings are more important to the plot. A well attempted effort to build on the characters and display of emotions.
The third story, The Mystery of the three murders however is disappointing. It has a very poor plot where the detective has nothing to do then ask few questions to witnesses and hop between the crime scenes.
Author tried to be witty with the fourth story which is about girls tendency of being curious about other girls and of being jealous.
Next one is “The best day of my life” which is about feelings of a cancer patient. The story starts in a very nice way but ends abruptly as if there was a restriction to write it in certain number of words, the plot does not evolve or bring any emotions for the characters.
Sixth story that is A Never Ending Path is a play of spiritual fiction type. It’s a good work of imagination and provides opportunity to interpret it in different ways.
The seventh one “Setting: A city” is not a story at all, its an attempt to sketch a city’s transformation from day life to night life but there is a lack of flow and the transformation could not be felt.
The last story Unexpected guess leaves you with a lot of questions and a sequel is desirable here unless the author wants you to imagine a lot and complete the story by whatever way you like.

Honestly the individual stories and the collection as a whole does not appear to be promising as long as you do not know that these were written as part of school assignments. Once you know that you can immediately see the immense potential and talent the author has. Each story is a different genre, the writing is clear and exactly as required by that genre. The writing evokes imagination and yet leave a lot to interpret and desire. Author has strong inclination towards fantasy writing and spiritual fiction.

There are spelling mistakes and incorrect sentences here and there and it would have been better to edit the school assignments before publishing, may be it is done intentionally to carry on with the charm of school time writing. if I would have been given a choice, I would not have included the first fairy tale in this collection. That is a bit out of place considering the maturity and understanding required  for other stories in the collection.

I wish the stories were worked upon a bit before publishing.

2.5/5 for the collection and 5/5 for the author’s immense capacity to soon become a writer of repute.

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