Movie Tales


PC :

Watching movies is one vital aspect of my life. My earliest memories of watching a movie goes back to the times when Baba (my father) was posted in Biaora, a small village situated on the Agra Bombay Road national highway in MP India. The cinema hall used to have a separate sitting for woman apart from the normal sitting arrangements and ticket prices. I remember watching a movie with my mother in that woman only sitting as we couldn’t get tickets in the balcony for all of us. Baba loved watching movies and we used to go movie watching most of the Sundays when we were kids. Buying snacks in the break was “the ritual” without which movie watching was incomplete and interestingly for me it still is. As I started to go out with friends, the family movie watching reduced but still continued. It paused for a longer time when I moved out of my home, got married and settled in a different city but 2 years back got lucky and watched a movie with Baba again just two months before moving to Chicago. It was awesome happiness, getting involved in the favorite activity with favorite company of all time.
Looks like i can’t have enough of those lots of tea and lots of discussion on movies, laughters on funny scenes and repeating the dialouges was so much fun, waiting for yet another movie time with Baba and mummy.


Me : Aaji(Grand ma) you have watched this movie last week only, lets switch the channel and watch something else.
Aaji : I never watched this movie, this is a new actor. I don’t even know his name.
Me : He is Akshay Kumar Aaji, other day too you asked me about him.
Aaji : Yes, Yes I remember now, other day he was not acting so good but today he is very good (it’s the same movie she is watching).
Aaji continues to watch the same movie, I sit there waiting for her to move for water or something so that I can switch the channel.
Heroine goes in search of the dude in distress and villain kidnaps her.

Aaji talking to herself : Why this silly girl has to go all by herself, now this bad man will torture her.

Me and Baba laughing out loud which does not bother Aaji at all, she is watching the movie she has never watched before and within 10 minutes she feels hot and goes to the patio, shifts her chair to keep it in “the perfect” position and forgets about the movie, ready to watch bits of it again next time.

After being operated for cataract in both eyes Aaji needs thick glasses and sit very close to the TV and keeps the volume high. She can not read any more, she can not knit any more. She can not sit fat one place for long times and sleep eludes her.


It’s already 6 o’clock and Abhay is no where. He is neither answering the calls nor responding to texts. Neha is waiting at cinemax for half an hour, they had planned to grab snacks and coffee before the movie starts at 6. She was in a meeting when Abhay called in the morning, she didn’t answer the call. Once the meeting was over she was tempted to call back but what about the argument they had last night? No, she won’t call back, Abhay can not get away every time without taking any stand. It’s 2 O’clock now and she is thinking why he has not called again yet. Should I call now? No, I won’t. Just as she decided to not call back, Abhay texts him asking “Movie, cinemax at 6?” Couldn’t hold on to the peeve any more, gave up as always for the alluring Abhay and replied yes. It has started to rain now and she is all the more furious. It’s 6.15 and Abhay is still not there, not answering the calls. Worried she calls Amit, his colleague. She hangs up and starts walking in the rains not sure where to go, what to do. Amit told her that Abhay left for Mumbai in morning for urgent client meeting when his manager couldn’t make it for personal reasons. Where is Abhay, who sent her the message?


It suddenly became dark on a bright sunny day with the winds blowing high followed by lightening and thunderstorm, the city stands still to witness a huge machine flying from no where and off-boarding the tripods. The tripods starts targeting people, buildings as soon as they are out. They are killing, destroying and spreading all over the city. People running in all directions to save themselves and now Anu who was quietly enjoying her coffee at her favourite coffee shop joins them, grabbing her coffee tightly. Running as fast as she can to save herself, she finds herself surrounded by 3 tripods, she slips, her coffee still in her hands and now one of the tripods raising its tentacles towards Anu, no towards her coffee, clutches it and snatched it. She is screaming, no you can’t take away my coffee when her alarm goes off to wake her up and to realize that it was a dream. Oh relax!! i was watching Wars of the world last night.

Straight to the kitchen for her first cup of coffee still smiling at the wars of the world dream, she literally says thank God for saving the coffee beans !!!

That’s an ardent coffee lover and my lovely, charming and very dear friend Anu.


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