Much ado about nothing

Once I had new boots, thought to walk in the woods
Happily humming when it crept in my boots
Inside, it crawled and itched which made me screeched
Caught in the frenzy of fear I pulled my boot
a tiny beastie resting on my foot
I screamed aloud and shook my foot
A teeny-weeny red spot, sat on my foot
with all thoughts imaginary, I reached emergency
All anxious I asked the doctor, am I badly infected?
He said after five samples and ten tests, you overreacted !
A sigh of relief and I searched for my boots
Then I remembered, I threw them in woods

Today I was walking near the park my daughter was playing and suddenly she came running to me scratching her legs and screaming. For a moment I too was in the frenzy, we all are when its about kids but as soon as she told me the reason I was relieved. She said, “Mamma, see I told you I am allergic to grass, it itches me a lot”. She is actually not allergic, once she scratched her legs while playing which made it look scary and listening to all kind of allergies friends talk about, the food allergies which are explained in school made her to think that she too must have some kind of allergy.

I said, “Okay, stop playing and lets go home”. She was back to playing immediately without any further complains of itching.

Once I had been to a friend’s place for a get together and all the time the people there talked about was the headaches, back pains, cold and coughs, the doctor appointments, the various medications they regularly need to keep the headaches, back pains away or at least have a feeling of keeping them away.

They all talked about all little symptoms they thought they had at that time and then made suggestions to each other about those symptoms and the diseases they might lead to. They shared knowledge of specialist doctors and even urgent care clinics. This discussion was nicely accompanied by lot of food and drinks, which I was happily enjoying, only getting distracted when the discussion related some symptoms with food and food allergies. But I continued when the person talking about the symptoms kept eating that particular stuff without even noticing it.

Other day I was talking to my friend and she told me about visiting a family where they were casually talking about the 6 year old in the family is taking the antidepressants. The friend said that the kid looks so normal, its hard to believe she needs antidepressants.
I expressed my shock and opinion that it doesn’t  seem right to me to depend on medication for such issues and being casual about it. But they all seem to be fine with it and in fact they boasted about how they all had been on antidepressants at different times, my friend said.
It really made me feel depressed, do I need antidepressants?

And just now saw a facebook post “feeling worried, sore throat for three days 😦 😦 “


2 thoughts on “Much ado about nothing

  1. Well said, Yeshasvi. Its true how people have forgetten to live small moments of life and instead getting fooled by others opinions/marketing agencies tricks. These days sickness/problems are in ones head 🙂

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